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Flora Series

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

The sun shining upon the flowers,

Dew drops glistening in the morning hours,

Falling leaves and perfect petals,

Happiness all around that makes you feel special.

The eternal yet complex beauty of nature is a subject that has inspired people since ages. Nature is capable of bringing both, a smile on our faces with the cool spring breeze as well as a cry of pain with its wrath. The winds, terrains, animals, fruits etc are all its children. One of its most calming children is the flora around us.

“Beautiful and rare aurora, in the heavens thou art their flora.”

Flora is a strikingly beautiful presence in our lives. It not only adds a dash of colour to our surroundings but also reminds us of the self sustaining ability of nature. It is fascinating to see how well flowers tend to complement their surroundings and invoke a feeling of peaceful existence in the mind of the viewer. Flowers, in our opinion, are extremely selfless beings. They spread their fragrance and beauty without any expectations in return.

Sitting in solitude, I gaze at the sunflowers,

Vivacious and colourful stood in contrast

To my loneliness , like a golden shower.

Smile on my face, friends they became fast.

Sunflowers are probably the most lively flowers. With their vivid yellow colour, they have the ability to brighten even the gloomiest of days. Following the sun throughout the day, they inspire us to look for the light at the end of the tunnel.

From being the national flower of India to holding a sacred position in Indian culture , the Lotus is certainly one of the most admirable flower.

The unfolding of its petals signifies the expansion of human soul. As the lotus opens up its each petal in air, it comes out with not a single stain of mud, it is an appropriate example of how one should overcome all adversities and rise above to blossom.

The overlapping and symmetric petals truly make the flower a delight to our eyes.

Another awe inducing relationship is the one between flowers and butterflies. Both uniquely beautiful in their own way, but their coming together of is a sight to behold. Ever thought how a garden would look like if there were only butterflies and no flowers ? And what would the flowers do alone if there were no butterflies?


By: Kirti Ranjan

Such is their relationship. Symbiosis may be the scientific term, but friendship is what correctly defines it. The two best friends- the flower and the butterfly.

Although flora may seem to be an insignificantly small part of our busy life, imagining one without its presence is surely difficult. The significance and elegance of flora can be put forth in these famous lines

from the William Wordsworth poem- ‘Daffodils’

“And then my heart with pleasure fills ,

And dances with the daffodils”

For it is only because of the untouched flowers and trees that the annual escape to hill stations seems relaxing, the lazy evening strolls in the garden bring a smile to our faces, walking barefoot on the grass connects us to the earth in an inexplicable way. It is possibly (most probably) due to their presence that life in concrete jungles seems alright after all.

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Article by: Shreya Jain and Muskan Anand

Photographs by: Kirti Ranjan, Shreya Jain, Yash Kumar, Nixon Rathor, Niyati Tewari, Garima Mundra and Ghazal Abdullah

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